This show is recorded while being aired live every Tuesday night. However the show does not contain any station ID’s or promos, so is being offered for syndication, completely free of charge.

The show will be provided as two files, one of approximately 1 hour 55 minutes in length, allowing for pre/post show local content; and one of a full 2 hours for those who have no local content to add.

Alternatively I can offer a stream URL if you wish to take the show live every Tuesday at 8-10pm GMT. If this is something you’d be interested in, just drop me an email.

There are no ad reads or commercials within the show, however there will sometimes be a mention for my podcast The Dead Piett Society, or SuperPod; the Charity Podcast Festival I organise annually. I just mention the day/time of the show and the social media user names of where to find it. I hope this will be acceptable to you.

If you want to hear samples of my shows, head to the listen page right here on the website where you can find the latest shows I’ve uploaded to Mixcloud.

If you would like to take The Bear Cave Radio Show on your station please email [email protected]


Promo for those taking the show live on Tuesdays, this mentions the day/time but no station branding. If you’d like a custom promo please just ask.

Stations Currently Airing The Bear Cave Radio Show


  • The Bear Cave Radio Show takes no responsibility for your station music licenses agreements Inc. any copyright issues, make sure your station has adequate licensing to cover this show.
  • Stations must be approved before broadcasting any of our shows.
  • Pirating/Reproducing shows or using Bear Cave branding for purposes other than promoting the show on your station is strictly forbidden.
  • I do not pass on or keep any information your listeners may send me, be it via email or messaging system on this website.
  • We may terminate or suspend our agreement at any time without notice if any part of our terms are not adhered to.
  • Download format will be high quality MP3. Should you require the show in an alternative format please make me aware so we can try and cater for your request.