A weekly 2-hour show full of a great variety of music. Each week you might hear a little Rock, Indie, Brit Pop Country or something in between. Plus there’s also a variety of entertaining features.

The Cover Chain is three cover versions which are linked; We start with one cover version, then play a second cover of a song by the artist who performed the first cover, then a third cover of a song by the artist who performed the second cover… it’s easier to understand when you hear it, we promise!

We also play a game, the Mystery Hold Music. Each week we take a song, strip the lyrics and play it down the phone… can you work out what the song is? Take a guess by email ([email protected]) or by leaving a voicemail here on our website. We collate all the guesses and go through them on the next show, when we reveal the answer.

And then there’s The Weird Week That Was, where I discuss a couple of the weirdest news stories from the past week, from my podcast the Dead Piett Society.

You never know what you might get within the two hours of the Bear Cave Radio Show!

Al “Bear” Galpin

About the Presenter

Al “Bear” Galpin is a Podcaster & Radio Presenter; Host of The Dead Piett Society Podcast and The Bear Cave Radio Show. He’s also the founder of SuperPod: The Charity Podcast Festival. He got his radio start at Southampton Hospital Radio before studying Radio Production at University, helping to set up a new student radio station and presenting on local commercial radio in the North West.

Outside of audio-stuff he’s a keen Southampton FC and Boston Red Sox fan, and Pointless finalist. He’s keen on comics, country music and chocolate as well as burgers, bunnies and bourbon. And apparently


Weird Week That Was (Dead Piett Society) music by Anamanaguchi (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

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